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Leadership Team
Operational Team

André Papa 🇳🇱

Sales Director 💼

Apart from doing part of sales in (mainly) Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal, I try to guide my colleagues to focus on our concept and philosophy and to be their coach when it comes to challenges they want to discuss with me. I am also very much into analysis of the market in key products such as octopus!

Robin Papa 🇳🇱

Operational Manager 👨‍💻

Focused on structuring processes in all departments and developing Froconsur as a learning and customer-centric organisation. I am working on turning Froconsur into the world's leading seafood specialist.

Débora Pittol 🇧🇷

Operational Expert 🧘‍♀️

I work in the logistic department and my main responsibility is to make sure all orders are delivered to our clients in the best way and always right on time! I like to think in ways to improve and what I like the most at Froconsur is the multicultural and dynamic environment, no day is the same.

Rindert Wolbers 🇳🇱

Financial Expert 😎

Not one working day is the same at Froconsur, and I really like that. Although I start with checking the liquidity daily, after that - it's whatever task comes my way!

Rob Posthumus 🇳🇱

Financial Expert

We're still writing this colleague's biography.

Sales Consultants

Carlos Vasquez 🇳🇱 🇨🇷

Sourcing Expert 🦀

I am responsible for sourcing, facilitating knowledge to my colleagues. Other than that I source in countries such as Vietnam, India and China. I believe Froconsur is a great learning school.

Jesús Fernandez 🇳🇱

Sales Consultant 🦑

I am responsible for sales in Spain & purchasing in China. I've already been in this addictive business for 25 years. Like they say: Once you get in you never get out of this challenging sector.

Joris Geraedts 🇳🇱

Sales Consultant 🐝

At Froconsur you could start with no knowledge of seafood or sales in general, but eventually you can build up an own market and have a lot of freedom is this process. Making it a great company to learn and develop yourself.

Klaas Atema 🇳🇱

Sales Consultant 😎

Froconsur is unique in the seafood market with our way of informing our customers and I like that. Besides that, Froconsur is a perfect place where ambitious people can grow and develop themselves.

Mar Alcaraz-Ríos 🇪🇸

Sales Consultant 💃

I joined Froconsur in 2015 and moved from the Logistics team to the consulting department. My colleagues say that I have a Latin temperament but I always say that it's great for our social events! 💃

Logistics Experts

Federico Del Castillo 🇮🇨

Logistics Expert 📦

At Froconsur, I enjoy learning about logistics at a global scale. I currently gather knowledge from my senior colleagues and assist them, in order to get things done in the best and fastest way possible.

Fokko Terpstra 🇳🇱

Logistics Expert 😎

Training new team members is one of my biggest responsibilities. I share logistic knowledge in order to get the team to grow. The thing I like best is the daily challenge and communication with supplier, clients, coldstores & agents.

Jacopo De Toni 🇮🇹

Logistics Expert 😁

At the logistics office I am responsible for monitoring the shipments. The thing I like the most about Froconsur is working together with people from all over the world who are willing to help each other and share their knowledge.

Patricia Valente 🇵🇹

Artwork & QA Expert 💪

I manage the packaging artwork & design as well as customer quality documentation responsibility. Within Froconsur I like the friendly spirit and the different challenges we overcome together daily!

Samir El Malak 🇶🇦

Logistics Expert 🏋️‍♂️

As a logistics expert at Froconsur, I aim and ensure that every day our orders are loaded most efficiently. Fun fact: I grew up liking fishing and always learning new skills to catch fish, and here I am today shipping tons of fish!

Sílvia Silva 🇵🇹

Logistics Expert 🚣‍♀️

I ensure that all logistics tasks of my orders are completed successfully, and I am always looking for the best options to provide better service to benefit our clients and company. Learning and working every day in a young, dynamic and multicultural team is what I like most about Froconsur.

Yudy Villabona

Logistics Expert

We're still writing this colleague's biography.