Introducing our experts

Meet our international team!

André Papa 🇳🇱

General Manager

Apart from doing part of sales in (mainly) Canary Islands, Spain and Portugal, I try to guide my colleagues to focus on our concept and philosophy and to be their "coach" when it comes to challenges they want to discuss with me. I am also very much into analysis of the market in key products such as octopus!

Carlos Vasquez 🇳🇱 🇨🇷

Sales Enablement Manager

I am responsible for Sales Enablement, facilitating knowledge to my colleagues. Other than that I source in countries such as Vietnam, India and China. I believe Froconsur is a great learning school.

Débora Pittol 🇧🇷

Logistics Manager

I work in the logistic department and my main responsibility is to make sure all orders are delivered to our clients in the best way and always right on time! I like to think in ways to improve and what I like the most at Froconsur is the multicultural and dynamic environment, no day is the same.

Federico Del Castillo 🇪🇸 🇮🇨

Logistics Manager

At Froconsur, I enjoy learning about logistics at a global scale. I currently gather knowledge from my senior colleagues and assist them, in order to get things done in the best and fastest way possible.

Fokko Terpstra 🇳🇱

Logistics Manager

Training new team members is one of my biggest responsibilities. I share logistic knowledge in order to get the team to grow. The thing I like best is the daily challenge and communication with supplier, clients, coldstores & agents.

Guillermo Gonzalez 🇪🇸

Sales Manager

I'm responsible for sales in Italy at this experienced company which gives you the opportunity to grow and learn many different aspect of the Seafood business in a transparent way.

Jesús Fernandez 🇳🇱

Sales Manager

I am responsible for Sales in Spain & Purchasing in China. I've already been in this addictive business for 25 years. Like they say: Once you get in you never get out of this challenging sector.

Joris Geraedts 🇳🇱

Sales Manager

At Froconsur you could start with no knowledge of seafood or sales in general, but eventually you can build up an own market and have a lot of freedom is this process. Making it a great company to learn and develop yourself.

Klaas Atema 🇳🇱

Sales Manager

Froconsur is unique in the seafood market with our way of informing our customers and I like that. Besides that, we have a small, young team that feels like family!

Mar Alcaraz-Ríos 🇪🇸

Sales Manager

I joined the Froconsur family in 2015 and moved from Logistic to Sales Management. My colleagues say I have a Latin temperament but I always say that's great for our Froconsur social events 💃.

Michiel Weening 🇳🇱

Sales Enablement Manager

There's not a single day at Froconsur without a new challenge, which keeps me focussed and eager to learn. Furthermore it's a vibrant company with young people and room for improvement!

Nicole Valverde 🇻🇪

Logistics Manager

We're still writing this colleague's biography.

Patricia Valente 🇵🇹

Logistics Manager (Artwork)

My responsibility is packaging artwork and customer quality documentation. Within Froconsur I like the family spirit and the different challenges we overcome together daily!

Pieter Gerssen 🇳🇱

Sales Manager

What I like about Froconsur is that the sky is the limit. You get handed every tool you need in order to reach your goals which are easier to achieve in an environment that is like family.

Rindert Wolbers 🇳🇱

Financial Manager

Not one working day is the same at Froconsur, and I really like that. Although I start with checking the liquidity daily, after that - it's whatever task comes my way!

Robin Papa 🇳🇱

Operational Manager

Focused on structuring processes in all departments and developing Froconsur as a learning and customer-centric organisation. I am working on turning Froconsur into the world's leading seafood specialist.

Samir El Malak 🇶🇦

Logistics Manager

Froconsur holds a comfortable and elegant workplace, in which all are considered family. This environment allows me to discover myself more, in addition to the ability of building a vast knowledge about the seafood market.

Sílvia Silva 🇵🇹

Logistics Manager

We're still writing this colleague's biography.

Werner Dijk 🇳🇱

Financial Assistant

Assisting the financial manager with the daily tasks is my main activity. Every day is different at Froconsur, so I'm learning new things every day. The open ambiance and the family feeling are things I really like at Froconsur.